Dinner Menu

Menu Tapas of Puglia

– Our Fresh Seasonal Nibbles –

Garlic bread with dried tomatoes and black olives tapenade, frayed pieces of mozzarella (Gluten Free)  € 3,00 cook3-copia

Frisella with fresh tomatoes, EVO oil, salt, rosemary (Gluten) € 3,00 cook3-copia
(served with garlic bread for gluten free diet)

Frayed mozzarella pieces in fresh milk cream  (Stracciatella di burrata)
(Gluten Free) € 3,00 cook3-copia

Green beans purée with Italian chicory and croutons (Gluten Free)  € 3,50 cook2-copia

Eggplant Parmigiana rolls with scamorza and baked ham (Gluten Free) € 4,00
Potatoes Apulian «Pizza» with baked ham, Italian parmesan chees with a crunchy top (Gluten Free) € 4,00
Appetizer mixed with Apulian tarallini, dried tomatoes, EVO oil artichokes and mixed olives (Gluten) € 4,00
(served with garlic bread for Gluten Free diet instead of tarallini)
(Stracciatella di burrata)
 «Poveretta» zucchini with fresh mint and vinegar balsamic reduction (Gluten Free) € 4,00 cook3-copia
Apulian «uccelletti» oven cooked with crutons  (Gluten Free) € 4,50 cook3-copia
*rolls of pancetta and scamorza
Mussels au gratin (Gluten Free) € 4,50 cook3-copia
Bruschetta with fresh pulp  with small lemon salad, EVO oil and rosemary (Gluten Free) € 4,50
Curled octopus with Mediterranean sauce – tomatoes, capers and olives (Gluten Free) € 5,00

Starters …


Garlic bread with small tomatoes, steamed mussels and parsley EVO oil (Gluten Free) € 7,00
Grand mix of seasonal batter fried vegetables (Gluten Free) € 7,00
Burrata, fresh tomatoes, EVO oil, basil (Gluten Free) € 9,00
A trio of Apulian chees (Gluten Free) € 10,00
(fresh ricotta with honey and  walnuts,, nodini fiordilatte – fresh Apulian mozzarella, baked caciocavallo chees and canestrato Foggiano chees)
Warm Sea salad with mussels, squid, red Mazara del Vallo shrimps € 12,00
Fruit &Veggy salad (Gluten Free) € 11,00
( Mixed salad, mixed berries, ananas, feta chees, dried fruit, sesame seeds , avocado and  balsamic vinegar reduction)
Mix of Italian and Apulian cold cuts with smoked Burrata (Gluten Free) € 15,00

Selection of our Fresh Pasta


Laganari with fresh tomato sauce on basil and ricotta cream € 9,50
(served with our handmade Gluten Free tagliatelle for Gluten Free diet)
Trofiette with steamed mussels on white bean cream (Gluten Free ) € 12,00
(served with our handmade Gluten Free maltagliati for Gluten Free diet )
Laganari with sea urchin pulp, crunchy squid ink «sand»
and lumpfish eggs € 16,00
(served with our handmade Gluten Free tagliatelle for Gluten Free diet)

Mains and Sides


Selected beef tartar with mustard mayonnaise and nuts (Gluten Free) € 15,00
Filet beef  with Primitivo di Manduria wine reduction  served with Canestrato Foggiano cheese (Gluten Free) € 20,00

Yellow fin tuna tartar with sweet guacamole cream (Gluten Free) € 18,00
Red shrimps tartar with stracciatella cheese (Gluten Free) € 19,00

Crunchy octopus on potatoes and leek cream (Gluten Free) € 16,00
Yellow fin tuna filet with sesame served with mint zucchini with vinegar balsamic reduction  (Gluten Free) € 20,00

Handmade Cake & Desserts


Cakes (gluten free) € 4,00  | Sweets (gluten free) € 5,00