Ritual employees’ favorite gifts of 2021

Ritual knows wellness inside and out. That’s why we turned to employees at the purveyor of transparently made and sourced vitamins to share with Recommender their favorite gifts to help keep well. Whether that means exercise, tracking progress, or just looking and feeling good, see below for products that will help the people on your list feel their best.

[Photo: courtesy Mate]

Mate Organic Stretch Leggings and Organic Stretch Sports Bra—$68, $38
As a female founder myself, I love to support other brands with women at the helm. It helps when the product they create is something I love so much, too. Mate makes comfy, simple pieces for workouts that I love to wear whether I’m on a hike or chasing my kids around the house. —Katerina Schneider, founder and CEO

Garmin Fenix 6 Series watch—$699.99
As a physiologist, I love collecting useful data on myself through swim, bike, and run activities. It’s an integral part of my marathon preparation and training. For me, Garmin has the best features for multisport use, and I like the durability, longer battery life, and accuracy of the GPS compared to other smartwatch options. —Nima Alamdari, chief scientific officer 

[Photo: courtesy Lululemon]

Lululemon Align Bike Shorts—From $58
 These are my “go to” workout shorts and are incredible to wear out running errands and then straight to a workout. They are soft, comfortable and they don’t squeeze into my waist so I can wear them all day long. —Jenn Cornelius, chief people officer

Girlfriend Collective Black Compressive Leggings—$78
I spend a lot of time weight training at the gym and the last thing I want to worry about is if my leggings are squat proof while I’m focusing on working out. This pair manages to be totally comfy and truly opaque, so I train without any self-consciousness. —Jordan Hughes, director of social

[Photo: courtesy Tonal]

My husband and I got a Tonal last spring and it’s quickly become our favorite workout partner. The programs with professional trainers push us to workout frequently and the flexibility of the dynamic cable weight system allows us to target all the muscle groups. It also integrates with Apple Watch, Apple Music, and Apple Health, allowing us to bring those workouts into the rest of our wellness data. The best part – my partner and I can team up for partner workouts and share the Tonal instead of fighting over it. —Daniel Archer, vice president of engineering

The Class Digital Studio Subscription—From $40
I signed up for a The Class Digital Studio subscription during the height of COVID-19 while I was pregnant and fell in love with the physical and mental aspects of the classes. The mix of cardio, sculpting and a meditative practice feels like a workout trifecta, and the instructors have awesome playlists. —Joy Chua-Schwartz, vice president of business development

[Photo: courtesy of Mirror]

Mirror—From $995
I got the Mirror as a birthday present about a year ago and it has completely changed my approach to working out. No matter what I’m in the mood for, from calming yoga to high-intensity kickboxing, I can do just about any kind of workout from the comfort of my own home. The number of options for different trainers, classes and skill-levels make it easy for me to keep this ritual everyday. —Alicia Wolf, senior director of regulatory affairs

Jade Yoga Mat—From$39.95
I have been a Jade yoga mat loyalist for years. It’s made of high quality, durable rubber that provides the best traction, whether you’re flowing in a Vinyasa class or sweating in a heated room. It’s been, and always will be, an integral piece of my practice. —Emma Woo, director of consumer insights

[Photo: courtesy Nike]

Nike ZoomX Invincible Run—$180
I’m particularly passionate about reducing injury risk in sport and training. This is one of Nike’s data-backed shoes, designed to increase shock absorption with a wider forefoot for stability. Nike showed that the shoe reduces injury rates equivalent to a prior tested model, shown in a study to reduce injury by 52%. —Dr. Nima Alamadri, chief scientific officer 

Swift RL Head Lamp by Petzl—$119.95
I love the outdoors and particular camping. When nightfall comes along or I’m starting to run at dusk, I love having this portable and rechargeable headlamp on me. It has several beam patterns to meet your particular need and it is extremely bright. Having great visibility at night and being active doesn’t have to come with a twisted ankle. —Michael Houston, senior director of package engineering and sustainability

[Photo: courtesy Theragun]

Theragun Elite—$299
The Theragun rounds out our fitness practice at home. We use it for warming up the muscles, relieving soreness after a workout, and helping to iron out any issues that may come with a long day of sitting at a desk. It’s also Bluetooth connected and their app provides guided courses to use it effectively. —Daniel Archer, vice president of engineering

Nalgene Narrow Mouth (32 oz) — $14.99
My Nalgene is as essential to me as my phone or my wifi signal — which is saying a lot as someone who works in social media. I fill this baby up 3-4 times at minimum during my day and it makes me feel like I’m doing my body a favor even when I’m not doing much at all. —Jordan Hughes, director of social

[Photo: courtesy Yeti]

Yeti Rambler 36-oz. bottle with Chug Cap—$49.99
I carry this bottle with me everywhere to keep my water cold and accessible as I am running around living that “working mom” life. I love the color options and the size of the bottle helps me ensure my water intake is on point since I fill it twice a day. —

Canyon Coffee Instant Duo—$40
I’m going to fill you in on a little secret — I combine my Essential Protein with homemade almond milk, ice, and instant coffee as my pre-workout fuel. I’m huge on flavor (if you’ve tried our protein you already know this) so what coffee I use really matters to me. My go-to brand is Canyon Coffee, their Instant Duo manages to make a quick ritual a delicious one, and it pairs well with the vanilla flavor of our protein. —Katerina Schneider, founder and CEO

[Photo: courtesy Alo]

Alo Yoga 7/8 Airbrush Legging—$88
These leggings are my go-to whether I’m working out or on-the-go for the weekend. Made with high-quality, durable and the most comfortable material, I love the way these Alo Yoga leggings fit and feel (and shape!). —Alicia Wolf, senior director of regulatory affairs

Garmin Forerunner 645 Music Watch—$449.99
I have been pre-diabetic since 2015 and I have made it a mission to live a healthier life. What’s a better way to capture your progress than with this Garmin watch? I can capture everything from my steps, to the number of calories burnt, to the number of miles I cycled. As a former resident DJ in Los Angeles, having a high intensity music playlist while conducting my activity was a requirement. This watch allows me to upload music onto my watch, so I don’t have to bring my bulky phone on my runs/rides. —Michael Houston, senior director of package engineering and sustainability

[Photo: courtesy OSEA]

OSEA Undaria Algae Body Oil—From $12
I’m a huge fan of hot yoga, but after classes I need something hydrating to take care of my skin. OSEA’s Algae Body Oil is the perfect fix — it’s soothing, it’s luxurious, and it makes my skin feel amazing. My friend’s mother actually founded the brand and I love knowing I’m supporting generations of female leaders whenever I purchase. —Katerina Schneider, founder and CEO

Danner Adrika Hiking Boots—$170
Hiking, camping, and bopping around U.S. national parks are some of my favorite hobbies. I love my Danner boots, which have been a trusted companion on all of my outdoor adventures. They’re lightweight and have amazing traction, but they’re also stylish to boot (no pun intended). —Emma Woo, director of consumer insights

[Photo: courtesy Manduka]

Manduka PRO 6mm Yoga Mat—$155
I’ve had my Manduka PRO mat for 6 years and it’s still going strong. The cushioning provides significant and comfortable support for all my favorite workouts, from sculpting classes to Pilates and from strength training to restorative yoga and stretching. —Joy Chua-Schwartz, vice president of business development