The Pioneer Woman Mommy and Me Clothing Collection at Walmart

It’s been a big week for Pioneer Woman fans! Ree Drummond’s Spring 2022 clothing line officially arrived at Walmart, and it’s full of the most delightful tops, bottoms, and dresses—all in charming, seasonal prints. Could there be better news?

Turns out, yes: the fact that the new line includes Ree’s first-ever “Mommy and Me” capsule collection.

“As The Pioneer Woman continues to expand into fresh categories, there was an immediate draw to create a ‘Mommy and Me’ line where customers could match with their kids,” Ree says. “I cannot wait to see the entire family dressed in The Pioneer Woman Collection!”

The Pioneer Woman Mommy & Me Collection

Honestly, neither can we. While the “core” spring collection features a handful of Ree’s usual favorites (flowy tops and dusters galore!), the Mommy and Me expansion line includes signature floral dresses for all ages—women, girls, and toddlers. And yes, they all match! Whether you’re looking for a comfy jersey knit, a sophisticated embroidered dresses, or a ruffles-all-over outfit, there’s something in the capsule collection for you and your little ones.

Of course, you don’t have to have toddlers of your own just to splurge on a few of these pretty pieces. They also make for the loveliest gifts for the moms in your life. Why not get your Mother’s Day shopping out of the way? 🥰

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